We Take it Seriously Focus Group

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Public Service Announcement- We Take it Seriously- Don't Drink and Drive


Police Officer: Do You know what I had to do?

Police Officer: I just had to tell a mother and father that their daughter won’t be coming home tonight.

Voice Over: Lives can change, or end, in a moment. Make your moments count. If you drink, don't drive.




A teen or early 20’s male sits in a jail cell in the dark… alone. A lone light shines through the jail cell window illuminating the male.

We hear footsteps approaching. Keys jingle and a door opens illuminating the room.

A police officer steps in. The door slowly closes behind him. The officer steps up to the cell, takes off his hat and looks down at his feet.

The kid is silent, the kid doesn’t look up.

The police officer shakes his head and exits. The kid sits alone in the dark to think about what he has done.

Slow fade to black.

Text on Screen: Lives can change, or end, in a moment. Make your moments count. If you drink, don't drive.


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Fatalities related to intoxication down in Somerset, Worcester and Wicomico in 2017

Snow Hill, MD- Deaths related to drug and alcohol intoxication, including opioid overdoses, are down in Worcester, Wicomico and Somerset Counties, according to 3rd Quarter 2017 Overdose Data released by the Maryland Department of Health last week. From January through September 2016, compared to the same period in 2017, intoxication fatalities are down 20-percent in Somerset County, 42-percent in Worcester County, and 32-percent in Wicomico County. The drop-off in the Tri-County region comes at a time when overall drug and alcohol related deaths in Maryland are on the rise.

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Public Education to Combat Statewide Opioid Epidemic

 Baltimore, MD (January 26, 2018) — The Maryland Department of Health today announced two multi-media advertising campaigns to help raise awareness and combat the state’s opioid epidemic.

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Proposed legislation, increased bed capacity, more positions will mitigate decade-long issue and improve care

Baltimore, MD (January 23, 2018) – The Maryland Department of Health today announced proposed departmental legislation, as well as administrative actions, to address longstanding systemic issues involving court-ordered placements for individuals requiring mental health treatment. The Department has worked diligently to reverse a nearly decade-long problem of backlogs for justice system-involved individuals who require court-ordered placement for mental illness treatment at its hospitals.

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Directs Attorney General to File Lawsuit Against Opioid Manufacturers; Announces Plans to Convert Former City Jail into a Secure Treatment Facility, Enhance Data Sharing Among First Responders, Strengthen Volume Dealer Law to Include Fentanyl

ANNAPOLIS, MD — Governor Larry Hogan and Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford today unveiled a series of executive actions and proposed legislation to continue the administration’s aggressive fight against the heroin and opioid crisis. The governor also authorized the Attorney General to file suit against select opioid manufacturers and distributors on the grounds that they have misled the public and helped to create the addiction crisis gripping Maryland and the nation.

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Baltimore, MD (December 7, 2017) – The 14th Annual Maryland Health Equity Conference, which focuses on needed coordination, collaboration, and available opportunities to address population health and health disparities in Maryland, was held today in Baltimore.

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 Lower Shore Health Insurance Assistance Program