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Worcester County Health Department offers free parent education classes

(Snow Hill)- The Worcester County Health Department is excited to announce free online parenting education classes designed to provide parents and guardians with resources and tools to enhance communication with their children. The classes will help kids make healthy life choices for a bright future. All classes are taught by a master trainer, are evidence-based, and are effective in helping parents handle their own stress and emotions while also understanding their children’s growth and development.

Guiding Good Choices is designed for parents and guardians of middle school students. Through participation in the course, parents and guardians will increase their knowledge about drugs and alcohol, signs of use, and will be able to arm their children with drug resistance skills. It is an interactive class with great discussions on current events and the effects on kids.

The Nurturing Family program is designed for parents and guardians interested in improving their parenting skills. The program focuses on teaching parents and guardians ways to support and nurture their children. 

“Our parenting programs continue to provide parents and guardians with the tools and education needed to help raise healthy and successful children,” said Mimi Dean, Director of Prevention Services for the Worcester County Health Department.

Please call 410-632-1100 ext. 1106 to learn more and to register.