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Worcester County ranks 8th in “County Health Rankings” for Maryland

Snow Hill, MD - The Worcester County Health Department is pleased to announce that the county has ranked 8th out of 24 jurisdictions in the newly published “2023 County Health Rankings National Findings Report”. The “County Health Rankings'' show how healthy a county is compared to all others in the state. This report is a reflection of the improvements that the county has made in comparison to the 2022 results which showed a 9th place ranking.

Based on the 2023 report, Worcester County improved in multiple ways; Unemployment is down by 3 percentage points, adult obesity and physical inactivity are also down from the 2022 report.

With data provided on more than 90 health-influencing factors, the “2023 County Health Rankings National Findings Report” offers essential context about the many community factors that influence good health and health equity. These factors include housing, education, employment, and more. The purpose of this data is to help each county assess community health needs and to identify areas in which improvement should be made. 

“Worcester Health is pleased to share this year’s ranking as it reflects the collective efforts of our organization and our partners in improving the health of our county,” said Health Officer, Rebecca Jones.

The Worcester County Health Department is committed to the health and well-being of all Worcester County residents. Many services and resources are available all over the county to improve residents ability to lead a healthy and productive life. 

If any resident of Worcester County is interested in getting involved with improving the overall health in the community, they are welcome to join the Local Health Improvement Coalition (LHIC). This group is made up of representatives from many different county organizations as well as the general public. These members help to determine the public health priorities and how to address them within the county.

For more information on the Local Health Improvement Coalition, please visit Worcester County LHIC.

To view all of Worcester County’s 2023 “County Health Rankings”, visit County Health Rankings and Roadmaps.