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Prevention and Education Services

Healthy Lifestyles and Chronic Disease Prevention

 Snow Hill Health Center 
 Prevention Program
 Phone: 410-632-1100
 Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Healthy Lifestyles include services such as; Nutrition Counseling, Physical Activity Assessment, Chronic Disease Prevention, Just Walk and Worksite Wellness.



Physical Activity Assessment

Free health screening which includes resting heart rate, blood pressure, body composition (body fat%, BMI, waist to hip ratio), diabetes risk, muscular strength, flexibility, and cardio-respiratory endurance. Individual results counseling provided by either a Registered Dietitian or an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Specialist.   

Chronic Disease Prevention

Includes health promotion, patient education, and community programs designed to increase healthy behaviors and reduce diabetes mortality and morbidity. 

Worcester Wellness Weigh Program

The Worcester Wellness Weigh Program is a free 12 week technology based program designed to address childhood and adult obesity in Worcester County through an online education system and wearable technology. The online education modules include videos, quizzes, and other interactive sessions which educate participants on various strategies to overcome barriers to healthy eating, and physical activity. Participants also have access to group walking programs, monthly events, and Polar Heart Transmitters to monitor their physical activity participation during the program. One-on-one online virtual or telephonic coaching is provided through care coordination to address goals, successes, and challenges, and strategies to overcome barriers to healthy eating, and physical activity.

For more information about Worcester Wellness Weigh, please complete this interest form.

What's Cooking in Worcester?

What’s Cooking in Worcester is a cooking series that features delicious, nutritious takes on some of our favorite recipes including meals, snacks, and desserts.
What’s Cooking in Worcester premieres on Facebook, every other Friday at 5pm and will be posted to Worcester Health’s YouTube channel.

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)

The Worcester County Health Department provides Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) to all eligible Worcester County residents.  

Eligibility includes the following:  Must be a resident of Worcester County; have a diagnosis of Type I or Type 2 Diabetes; have a diagnosis of Kidney Disease and/or Post Kidney Transplants with the last 36 months. A referral from the primary care provider will be required.

This services provides nutrition therapy and counseling by a Registered/Maryland licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist for the purpose of disease management. MNT includes an in-depth individualized nutrition assessment utilizing evidence based nutrition protocol, the American Dietetic Association MNT Evidence-Based Guidelines for practice, and best available data to assure a comprehensive intervention.

The RD and client discuss and determine optimal goals, a workable care plan and appropriate interventions to develop and implement behavior and lifestyle changes as related to the nutrition problem and medical condition/disease.

The WCHD referral form should be completed and sent to the Registered/Licenses Dietitian. Contact with the client will be made by the RD to set up an appointment at a WCHD site .  The client will be informed to bring their ID, insurance card, and referral form if the Primary Care Provided has provided one for them.

The initial MNT Session is 3 hours per calendar year in the first year.  Follow up MNT is 2 hours per calendar year.    

Just Walk

Just walk is a free, self-directed, self-reported physical activity program that rewards participants for being active. Visit justwalkworcester.org for more information. 

These services are provided by the Prevention Program.