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Youth Programs

Personal Responsibility Education Program

Comprehensive, evidence-based sexual education program intended for high school-aged youth. Assists youth with developing life skills and goals and prevents risky behaviors; AGES 12-19

Abstinence Curriculum

Geared at middle school aged youth.  Assists youth with developing life skills and goals and prevents risky behaviors

Alternative to Suspension Youth Tobacco Education

American Lung Association curriculum to educate youth on the dangers of tobacco and smokeless nicotine products.  The purpose is to prevent tobacco and nicotine use among underage youth.

Youth Council

Share information about youth-related concerns; promote internal and external assets among youth in order to prevent unhealthy behaviors which may result in harm or reduced opportunities for success; and provide information to County Commissioners, County agencies, and Youth Serving organizations specific to youth development and resources.

Tobacco Education Program


Healthy Youth

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