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Protecting the Public



COVID-19 Information:

Per Governor Hogan's Executive Order #21-03-09-01, effective on March 12, 2021 at 5PM:

  • Occupancy Limits Lifted- Both indoor and outdoor capacity limits have been lifted. This means there is no limit on the number of patrons present in the facility as long as the following items are met:
    • The facility does not exceed 100% of the occupancy set by the Fire Marshal or the sewage capacity of the facility. This does not mean you may use all of your available seating.
    • The facility must still ensure patrons of different parties are sat at least six (6) feet away from each other to ensure social distancing.
    • Patrons must be seated to be served. There is no standing allowed in the bar area.
    • Banquet and Convention venues are still limited to 50% of their total occupancy.
  • Physical barriers(i.e. plexiglass) can be utilized at both indoor and outdoor booths so that every booth may be seated. The physical barrier must be at least six (6) feet from the floor to the top of the barrier. 
  • For indoor dining, the maximum number of patrons seated at the table has increased to ten (10), as long as they are from the same household/group.
  • Buffets may reopen provided the facility is able to provide and maintain mask wearing and  social distancing, especially while patrons are at the buffet.
  • Facial covering requirements remain in full effect. 

06-11-20 Indoor Dining Re-opening Guidance

Example Layout of Indoor Dining Area in Compliance with COVID-19 Requirements  

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Worcester County food service facilities as well as temporary food service facilities operating in Worcester County, must be licensed by our Environmental Health Office prior to serving the public.

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Applications and Forms:

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Foodborne Outbreak Investigations

Complaint based investigations are carried out in conjunction with the  Communicable Disease Nursing Program. Please contact Environmental Health by phone at 410-641-9559 to file a complaint.

This service is provided by the Environmental Health Program.