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Programs and Services

 Berlin Health Center
 Pocomoke Health Center
 Phone: 410-629-0164
 Hours: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

altWomen's Health services support the health of women during the span of their reproductive years, with sensitivity to the special needs of adolescents. Examples of services include well women visits for reproductive health, screening for sexually transmitted infections, birth control, education on a variety of health issues, and pregnancy testing. During pregnancy, our free childbirth classes and Early Care program also focus on newborn health and safety. Center for Clean Start is designed to meet the special needs of women with drug or alcohol use during and after pregnancy. We understand that males have an important role in health of women, so males can also receive services for screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, attend childbirth classes and receive Early Care services. Women who are interested in mental health counseling can receive services listed under Mental Health Services on our website. For domestic abuse or suicidal thoughts after regular business hours, call 211 or 410-749-HELP and for concerns about Human Trafficking call 1-888-373-7888.

Early Care

Early Care is a home based community visiting service dedicated to promoting a healthy pregnancy and healthy birth outcome.  Eligibility includes pregnant women and infants less that one year old with high risk needs which may include concerns with domestic violence, housing or transportation; present or past alcohol or drug use in the family, a teenage or first time parent, or concerns with depression in the mother.  This is a free program designed to provide educational support and linkages to community resources based on the individual needs of the woman.

The goals of Early Care Program include:

  • reduction of infant mortality and low birth weight babies
  • elimination of the racial disparities in perinatal outcomes
  • promotion of maternal-infant health and safety
  • fostering infant growth and development

We serve all of Worcester County. Call 410-629-0164 for more information.

Who can get this service?

This service is available to pregnant women and infants younger than one year of age who are residents of Worcester County and who have high risk needs.

Where is this service provided?

Services are provided in the convenience of the client’s home or at any of the health department sites if requested.

How much does this service cost? 

This service is FREE.


SIDS Prevention:

Decrease your baby's chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Please always place your baby on his or her back, alone and in his/her crib for sleeping and napping. If you do not have an approved infant sleep surface for your baby, please call us. We have a limited supply of pack-n-plays available if you meet eligbility requirements. Call 410-629-0164 and ask to speak with the Early Care Program.


Free Childbirth Classes

FREE local childbirth classes taught by a nurse midwife for residents of Worcester and Somerset Counties who are first time moms regardless of insurance, teen moms,and women who have Maryland Medical Assistance or who are uninsured. Classes are available at both the Berlin and Pocomoke locations. Transportation is available for those who have no other option. Call for more information and to register for the class. 410-629-0164. 



Adolescents have special needs regarding pregnancy prevention, pregnancy support, and parenting support. County Health nurses assist teens, age 17 and under, in these areas.
Telephone: 410-632-1100

Additional Support and Information for Women



Reproductive Health

Reproductive Health patients are eligible to receive education on all contraceptive methods, a physical examination, and the birth control method. Other services include screening, education, treatment, and/or referral for HIV, and STD evaluation for male and female patients. Pregnancy testing is also available.   Anyone of child-bearing age may receive confidential Family Planning services at the Health Department.



• Reproductive Health Services are available to assist individuals with the information and means to exercise personal choice in determining the number and spacing of their children.
• Screening for cervical cancer

• Colposcopy referrals for abnormal paps.
• Screening for sexually transmitted infections.
• Contraceptive information and services.
• Pregnancy testing and referral.
• Health promotion/disease prevention education and referrals as needed.
• Level 1 infertility services
• Emergency contraception up to five days after unprotected sex.
• Easy appointment scheduling - can typically schedule new appointments within a week.

Who can get this service?

• Services are available to both males and females. 
• These services are available to any Worcester County resident in need of contraception.
• Due to Federal law, teens can receive confidential reproductive health services without parental permission.  We do encourage teens to involve their parent/guardian in all health care choices.


Hours and Locations:

Berlin Health Center
9730 Healthway Drive
Berlin, MD 21811
Phone: 410-629-0164
Hours: 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Mon. - Fri.

Pocomoke Health Center
400-A Walnut Street
Pocomoke, MD 21851
Phone: 410-957-2005
Hours: 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Mon. - Thurs.



How much does it cost?
Charges for services may be covered by your insurance (call the number on the back of your insurance card to ask). If you do not have insurance, we can help you apply for it and/or have your charges "slid" (adjusted) based on your provided proof of income. Payment plans are available. Services are not denied based on inability to pay.

If I am a teen, do I need my parent’s permission for services?
Due to Federal law, teens can receive confidential reproductive health services without parental permission.  We do encourage teens to involve their parent/guardian in their health care choices. 


Breast and Cervical Cancer Program

Educational programs and community outreach regarding risk reduction for breast and cervical cancer. Provides screening and follow-up for women aged 40 to 64 years who lack insurance coverage and/or have inadequate insurance coverage to cover the following services: Mammograms, Breast Examination, Pap Test, Pelvic Examination, and Colonoscopy.

Center 4 Clean Start

Center 4 Clean Start  is an intensive program for pregnant and post-partum women who are experiencing difficulty with alcohol and/or drugs. Is a cooperative project between the Health Departments in Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester counties. Provides dual diagnosis and family education services, as well as transitional housing for some of the women. Childcare is available on-site and transportation can be provided.

This service is provided by the Addictions Program.

Center 4 Clean Start
926 Snow Hill Road, Cottage 200
Salisbury, MD  21801

Phone: 410-742-3460

8:30-4:30 p.m.