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 Administration Program
 Snow Hill Health Center
 Phone: 410-632-1100
 Hours: 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

altWorcester County Health Department issues certified copies of birth and death certificates for events that occur in Maryland. Contact the Snow Hill Health Center for more information.


Birth Certificates:

A certified photocopy of the birth certificate (used for retirement purposes, passports, social services, school enrollment, and other legal reasons) can be obtained by completing the application for a copy or abstract of Certificate of Birth. This certificate is available at the Worcester County Health Department for $22 with a photo I.D. or you may also send the completed application and non-refundable fee of $10 (for each certificate requested) to Division of Vital Records in Baltimore.

For same day service, applicant is required to present (one of the following):

• Current driver's license.
• Current ID card issued by the motor vehicle administration.
• Current U.S. issued passport.
• Prison photo ID if it has an issued date and expiration date.
• Current US military ID for service personnel (PX/Base privilege ID is not acceptable).

Applicants unable to supply valid photo identification will not be able to receive the birth certificate the same day.
Applicants can be mailed birth certificates if they provide two (different) of the following, with the name and current mailing address. The certificate cannot be mailed to an address that is not reflected on the documentation.
The two pieces of alternative documentation must be different types, i.e., a pay stub and a telephone bill - not two pay stubs or two utility bills. The certificate will be mailed to the address displayed on the documentation provided.

Acceptable documents are:

• Social security card
• Pay stub
• Current car registration
• Current bank statement
• Current lease / rental agreement
• Current property deed
• Utility bill with current address (can provide two different types of this, i.e., cable and electric bill)
• Copy of income tax return / W-2 Form
• School photo ID, if it has an issue and an expiration date

Customers can also provide a notarized statement authorizing them to obtain certificates for others. The one picking up the certificate MUST have valid photo identification.


Home Births:

If you have been medically cleared by a licensed physician or licensed certified nurse midwife for a home birth, but the birth will not be attended by a midwife, please contact Worcester County Health Department Nursing Services at 410-629-0164 at least two weeks prior to your delivery date to pre-register for a birth certificate. Pre-registration begins the documentation process to minimize disruption after the birth and offer an opportunity to get your questions answered. Requests for verification of a birth outside of a medical institution by the health department is time sensitive. It is important to call within 72 hours of the birth.

Frequently Asked Questions: Registering for a Home Birth.


Death Certificates:

Death Certificates can be processed (if they are accurately completed) when they are brought in by the Funeral Director.  The cost is $22 for the first certificate. The cost for additional copies of the same death certificate purchased the same day is $20.  Copies of the death certificate may be obtained by the funeral director or family.


Statement of Age Cards:


Statement of Age cards can be processed in the health department if we have record of your birth certificate on file. The fee is $1.00 per card.

Certificates may be ordered here, on line.


Download and bring in the appropriate application.

Both birth certificates and death certificates may be obtained at the Health Department in Snow Hill only. A copy of the birth certificate may be requested by the person, a parent, legal guardian or their representative.  A copy of the death certificate may be requested by the surviving spouse or child, authorized representative, funeral director in charge of the final disposition of the deceased body, an individual with proven legal need, or the court of law. If the certificate is to be used in connection with a claim for dependent or beneficiary of the named person that is a Veteran of the U.S.military, one copy  is available at no charge.


These services are provided by the Administration Program.