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Resources for Gambling

Maryland Problem Gambling Help Line: 800-522-4700

Gamblers Anonymous: Frequently asked questions and answers.
Gamblers Anonymous: 20 questions to help you decide if you are a compulsive gambler.
DHMH News Release: Approximately one in 30 Maryland adults have a gambling problem.
DHMH Gambling Prevalence in Maryland: A Baseline Analysis.

Additional resources:

http://mdgamblinghelp.org/ - Maryland Alliance for Responsible Gambling
www.ncpgambling.org - National Council on Problem Gambling
www.gamblersanonymous.org - Gamblers Anonymous
www.gam-anon.org - Gam-Anon
www.npgaw.org - National Problem Gambling Awareness Week
www.apgsa.org - Association of Problem Gambling Service Administrators
www.IGCCB.org - International Gambling Counselor Certification Board
www.problemgambling.com/links.html - Problem Gambling.com
www.gamblingaddictionclass.com/Maryland-Gambling-Addiction-Classes.aspx - Gambling Addiction Classes Online for Maryland 
www.gamblingaddictionclass.com/Maryland-Gambling-Addiction-Classes.aspx  - eHOW – Maryland State Gambling Laws
www.unr.edu/gaming/ - Institute for the Study of Gambling and Commercial Gaming. University of Nevada, Reno
www.geminiresearch.com - Gemini research- prevalence experts etc.
www.americangaming.org - American Gaming Association
www.ncrg.org - National Center for Responsible Gaming 


www.liebertpub.com - Gaming Law Review