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What Is Birth Control?

Birth control is a way to prevent pregnancy, and it comes in many forms. Some forms of birth control might have beneficial side effects, and people may take birth control for reasons other than preventing pregnancy, such as; to decrease hormonal acne, reduce heavy bleeding or cramps and help with certain hormone disorders.

Most people can use birth control without any problems, though side effects are possible. And even though there are slight risks associated with hormonal birth control, these mostly depend on an individual’s health conditions and risk factors. Your clinician will take all of the factors into account during discussions about birth control.

Birth Control Methods

Worcester Health has many options of birth control available to you. Remember, although hormonal contraceptives and IUDs are highly effective at preventing pregnancy, they do not protect against STIs, including HIV. The choice is yours to make! Worcester Health is here to help you make the most informed and safe choice for your lifestyle!

Birth Control Method How It Works Effectiveness


The implant is among the most effective methods. Placed in arm. Effective up to 5 years. 99%



Invisible and easy. You can choose hormonal or non-hormonal. Effective 3-12 years. 99.4 - 99.9%



Injection, typically in the upper arm. New one is needed every 3 months. 96%


Birth Control Patch

The patch is a thin, beige piece of plastic that is placed on skin. You put on a new patch once a week for three weeks. 93%


Nuva Ring

The ring is a small, bendable ring that is inserted into the vagina. Ring is replaced every 3 weeks. 93%


Birth Control Pill

One pill taken once a day, at the same time every day. 93%



Condoms keep sperm from getting into the body. Latex condoms help prevent pregnancy, and HIV and other STIs 87-94%


Emergency Contraception

Emergency Contraception (EC) can stop a pregnancy before it starts. 85 - 99%